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Building true green economy

CSE Director Sunita Narain wrote an excellent article on 'Green Economy' for World
Environment Day. Her analysis of the World's harsh realities and plea to become part of
'Environmentalism of the Poor' make a true message for Rio+20 (20-22 June).

Bicycles will undoubtedly be seen at Rio+20, active transport easily serves as an icon to build
a green and sustainable image. However, taking active transport serious means stepping
away from the icon of cheap and easy gains. In order to substitute 20% of transport
emissions, cycling mobility needs to be developed from a common >2% trip share to a 5%
critical mass for real scale jumps to 15% (cycling cities) to 30% (Netherlands) to 50% (climate
target). For developing critical mass, in infra and society, and for creating scale jumps, in infra
and society, we need investments and innovations at the level of electric vehicle development
targeting at the other 50% trip share.
In order to play its role internationally the Dutch knowledge on bicycle infrastructure must
innovate towards creating scale jumps (infra, performance) and partner with local knowledge
on local development (society). Which is my message to Dutch delegates at Rio+20.

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